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2020-10-28 08:13
The Azerbaijani army, reinforced by Turkish and terrorist forces, have lost their great quantitative and technological advantage in the war unleashed by Azerbaijan against Artsakh, representative of the MoD Armenia Artsrun Hovhannisyan said during a press conference.

''The nature of the war has somehow changed. Our Armed Forces carry out difficult battles in mountains, forests and gorges. A number of subversive groups have been neutralized today, some others fled abandoning some military equipment, but this war is somehow complicated in its nature. The adversary has lost its huge quantitative and technological advantage. The war does not continue with the same intensity'', Hovhannisyan said.

He noted that starting from the morning, the Azerbaijani armed forces again continued offensive operations in different directions, at the same time artillery was used against the civilians of a number of settlements.

''Military operations continued in the northern direction with relatively low intensity, at the same time the fight against subversive groups continues in the directions of these villages (mentioned on the map – edit.). In the southern direction the advance of Azerbaijani armed forces looks like this (mentioned on the map – edit.). They also tried to develop an offensive in the direction of Berdzor as well as tried to approach the Armenian border in the southern direction, but the attempts were repelled, they recorded no success'', Hovhannisyan said.

According to him, the Azerbaijani subversive groups have light weapons when approaching villages. ''Crushed by our units, they retreat, flee in forests and mountains, try to develop attacks in other directions and 24-hour operations continue in a not very intensive manner. After some success in the plains the Azerbaijani armed forces reinforced by terrorist groups try to develop the success in complicated areas of mountains and forests, which is not so easy. This is a more difficult and complicated battle in terms of tactics'', Hovhannisyan said.