Friendly, but a victorious match
The friendly match between Armenia and Ukraine ended with an “unfriendly” score.
Henrich Mkhitaryan scored the first goal at the 7th minute of the game. Gevorg Ghazaryan stroke the ball and it reached the goalie, but shifted toward Mkhitaryan who hit it towards Uzbekistan’s goal. Let us mention that this time brothers Karamyan were not called to play. Instead, brothers Artur and Artak Yedigaryan came out to the field for the first time. At the 17th minute, Uzbekistan’s fielder Artyom Piliposyan was removed from the field after a foul with Edgar Manucharyan. But Manucharyan “made up” for that violation with a sharp strike out of the field and turned the score 2:0. Just 10 minutes later, Edgar Manucharyan scored another goal and the score was 3:0. However, in the third half of the match, the rather huge difference in the score made Armenians weak and let the Uzbek team take advantage of that. At the 66th minute, Uzbek Alexander Geinrich scored a goal for his team. In the second half, Vahagn Minasyan received a red card and was removed from the field. Although the match continued, the Uzbeks still weren’t able to score another goal and ceded to the Armenian team. Chief trainer of the Uzbek team Vadim Abramov was disappointed in his team, although he did note that they were active in the second half. “I don’t know any trainer who would be content after losing 3:1. It appeared that the Armenian team was ready to play in the first minutes of the match. I scolded the team during the break. This made them become more active and they played well in the second half,” said Abramov. Chief trainer of Armenia’s team Vardan Minasyan gave a positive evaluation of the match. “I am more content with the first half in terms of the game. At that moment, the score was more important for us. I am very happy for our victory, but that doesn’t mean that everything is fine,” he said, adding that the team started playing against goals because it was a friendly match and the team was expecting goals from the competing team.” Vardan Minasyan said the brothers Karamyan were not there because they simply weren’t called to play in this match. Tsovinar Karapetyan