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2020-09-26 16:48
The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia has significantly expanded its programs to support the teaching of Armenian and Armenological subjects with budget funding from 2019.

It is being implemented in 10 institutions of 8 countries in the 2020-21 academic year, instead of the previous 4, currently including Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic (Czech Republic), Bucharest (Romania), Venice Ca Foscari, Rome La Sapienza (Italian Republic), Salzburg ( Austrian Republic), Cairo (Egypt), Kennedy University (Argentina), Lepsius House-Museum in Potsdam, Mesrop Center for Armenian Studies (Federal Republic of Germany), Moscow State Institute of International Relations (Russian State Institute of International Relations). For the implementation of the program, the financing from the RA state budget is mainly carried out on the basis of memorandums or agreements signed between the given "Embassies of the Republic of Armenia" of the given university.

With this program, the Ministry of Education and Science pursued the support of the Armenian language տարած dissemination of Armenology մանը strengthening in the universities of foreign countries և research centers. This is a great opportunity to make the Armenian culture and identity known, to increase the international interest in our people և culture, as well as to promote the preservation of Armenian values ​​in the local Armenian communities.

Teaching is provided mainly by local Armenologists, sometimes through a specialist sent from Armenia (University of Bucharest).

The legal status of Armenian in institutions is different. Armenian is taught for 3 years for linguists at the University of Ca Foscari in Venice. It is an elective subject in Bucharest. Other Armenological subjects are taught in Prague, Salzburg, Armenian History, History of Armenian Christianity, Armenian Literature, etc.

2020 For the first time, research papers were funded, for which a memorandum was signed with the Lepsius House-Museum Institute in Potsdam and the Mesrop Center for Armenian Studies in Halle.

It should be noted that the KGMSN is actively pursuing the expansion of the network of Armenology abroad.