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2020-09-24 09:02
The real estate market is the most sensitive to any crisis.

Experts say that this sector is one of the most important indicators of economic trends. In the first months of the epidemic the market was at a standstill ․ Transactions were almost non-existent, some recent activation tendencies have been observed. According to the chairman of the Cadastre Committee, if there is no second wave of the epidemic, the market will stabilize.

Covid-19 has changed its working style and conditions in the global real estate market ․ Agents, avoiding direct contact, switched to online screenings. Real estate agencies in Armenia have also had a phase of remote work, now they are trying to return to their previous work style. According to the sphere specialist Eduard Apriyan, the interest in the market is gradually increasing.

 "At the beginning of the epidemic, in March, passivity was considerable, there was no opportunity to make physical transactions in that period. Therefore, we were all in a passive mode: agents, buyers, sellers. At the beginning of the epidemic, we were able to organize the demands related to the primary market online: we were able to organize projects, discussions, consultations online. ”

After the lifting of restrictions, the real estate market is gradually becoming more active. "At the moment, the sector is more or less regulated, although in June-July 2020, a 1-1.5% drop in prices was registered," said Suren Tovmasyan, chairman of the Cadastre Committee.

In August 2020, 4904 purchase and sale transactions were registered in the market, 1323 of which were in Yerevan. There is an increase in the acquisition of real estate in the regions, in contrast to Yerevan.

 "In Yerevan, a decrease in the number of transactions has been observed, as a result, deflation is observed, the final picture, however, will be clear by the end of the year."

According to the Cadastre Committee, in August, as compared to August of the previous year, the price of 1 square meter of an apartment in Kentron administrative district increased from 612 thousand to 630 thousand drams, while in July they were higher - 645 thousand drams. The most expensive real estate in the regions is in Kotayk ․ Apartments in Tsakhkadzor are more expensive (270 thousand drams) than, for example, in the seventh or eighth zones of the capital Nubarashen (178 thousand), Malatia-Sebastia (231 thousand), Ajapnyak (269 thousand) administrative districts.

According to the Cadastre Committee, buyers paid 270,000 drams for one square meter in Tsakhkadzor in August. Armenia's second most expensive city is in Kotayk again ․ The price of 1 sq.m. in Abovyan is 170 thousand drams, the third most expensive city is Goris with the value of 145 thousand drams. in value.

The Cadastre Committee has received about 3,000 applications a day in previous months. The head of the structure says that if there is no second wave of the epidemic, the market will be more stable.

Eduard Apriyan, director of business development of one of the real estate agencies, notes that the interest has increased not only in the primary, but also in the secondary market. This has its explanation

"It cannot be the case that the demand for the secondary market disappears completely. In any case, we live our normal lives ․ whether our children are getting married or we need to improve our living conditions, moreover, in the near future, not to wait until the building is built. Therefore, there can be no demand in the secondary market. "

Recently, the interest in agricultural lands has also increased. In August, most of the total transactions, about 33%, were land acquisitions, and the lowest - the acquisition of industrial buildings. The Chairman of the Cadastre Committee records ․

 "The programs aimed at the development of agriculture have registered their results."

According to the nature of the transactions, the most alienation and the least legalization transactions are in Yerevan և marzes.