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2020-09-23 08:06
Importers of clothes and shoes continue to demand a review of customs clearance changes.

They have announced that they will hold another protest action this Thursday, the day of the government sittings. Meanwhile, the State Revenue Committee does not intend to step back. The meetings of the importers and the responsible representatives of the State Revenue Committee do not give grounds for a general conclusion yet.

Equal field for all clothing importers ․ This approach is the basis for changing the customs clearance procedure for the import of shoes and clothes. According to SRC Deputy Chairman Shushanik Nersisyan, the change is called to create equal conditions in the market.

"We can look at the question from this point of view that now we are going to regulate the field, because one day this field should be regulated or not. I can state that the import of clothes is one of the unique spheres, if not the only sphere that still uses different approaches for different businesses, it is not regulated. This should have been regulated one day, և since September 1, we have taken the path of regulating the import of the clothing market. ”

At the same time, the companies importing clothes and shoes took the path of struggle against the new regulation. They demand to continue customs clearance in the old way, that is, not in pieces, but in kilograms. With this demand, the importers will come again in front of the government building this Thursday.

"If they have calculated that they should increase the budget flows through this, it is definitely a wrong calculation."

The meetings of the participants and those responsible for the protests organized last week did not yield any results. Although during the meetings the SRC representatives presented their calculations to the importers and did not receive any objections, the SRC Deputy Chairman said.

From the beginning, the customs authorities knew very well that it would be difficult and difficult for them as well, but there is no alternative to the proposed changes. The representatives of the State Revenue Committee clarified about this in the meetings with the importers, in the public speeches. Shushanik Nersisyan says that they made calculations, monitored the markets and found out.

"It turned out that double profit is provided here."

Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan spoke from the tribune of the parliament about the need to leave the process of weight clearance a day before.

"The State Revenue Committee should not step back in this issue. We must get out of the customs clearance process the day before, because when the finished product is cleared through customs, it causes serious problems in the sense of the whole fiscal system. ”

Local producers see an opportunity to breathe in the new order of customs clearance. We have been fighting for such a decision for decades, said Hovsep Poghosyan, co-chair of the Union of Employers of the IT industry, in a telephone conversation with us.

"When they clear customs in kilograms, and there are goods at different prices, the cost price of imported goods decreases. It deprives local production of competitiveness. That is why the producers in Armenia have stood on knitwear. "This decision should have been made long ago for the light industry in Armenia to start developing normally."

Hovsep Poghosyan notes that when raw materials are imported, clothes are produced here, and calculations show that its cost is again cheaper than imported clothes. This means that it becomes an unprofitable activity, that is, local producers operated in conditions of unequal competition. According to Hovsep Poghosyan, they once applied to the SCPEC with such a problem. The structure had conducted a study and concluded that the problem was in the field of law. The local producers were against the wall, says my interlocutor, concluding that finally there will be equal competition, which will contribute to the development of the local light industry.