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2020-09-17 16:45
Reddit users have listed the scariest birthday gifts they have ever received.

sneakysnakeeeee said that his mother gave him his own scarf.

"Yes, my mother came into my room and took my only scarf, wrapped it and handed it to me as if it were new," he said.

BBoySlim has admitted that it received a complaint from its HR company that the two partners had an argument over a birthday surprise.

The grandmother of PM_ME_UR_CLEAVE gave her a comb with a handle in the shape of a horse's head. Moreover, it had fractures and hair on its teeth.

Mikeardigan said that he and his brother were given a collection of shoes by his grandparents for ten years.

"My mother gave me a carrot cake for every birthday. I hate it. But my father loved it, "said stayrootedsucculents.

The "gifts" also included news of the parents' divorce, fertilizers for flowers, used patterns for the 18th anniversary, used candles, as well as a postcard from his father, who was upset that he was not present at his grandmother's funeral, RIA Novosti reported.