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2020-09-17 09:28
ACBA Bank has launched the new generation ACBA Digital digital platform, which allows users to access many banking services both through the web and mobile application.

ACBA Digital mobile application also allows for the first time in Armenia to make real NFC payments (NFC service is now available only for Android operating system և Bank VISA payment cards).

To use the ACBA Digital platform via mobile, ACBA Bank customers have the opportunity to download the ACBA Digital mobile application with the following links:

Android users are requested to update to the following link:

IOS users are asked to update via the following link.

Those who are not yet ACBA Bank customers can also download the ACBA Digital mobile application and enjoy the many benefits of the platform. And to fully use the platform, you just need to become a ACBA Bank customer.

The new generation ACBA Digital digital platform (also the ACBA Digital mobile application) can be used by both individuals and legal entities. Thanks to many innovative opportunities, it is possible to use modern banking services AC to carry out a number of transactions through the ACBA Digital platform.

You can get acquainted with all the opportunities provided by ACBA Digital at the following link.