By Deem Communications
2019-12-06 22:50
Volunteers in Basen Community Revive Local Kindergarten
On December 5, the Basen community in Shirak region celebrated the reopening of their local kindergarten, which was renovated by community members. The volunteer-led project took place as a part of the “Let’s Do Something!” nationwide community service campaign. The Basen kindergarten renovation was the first in a series of community service projects in different regions of Armenia, starting with Shirak.

The kindergarten was refurbished with the support of the local government and the volunteers. USAID/Armenia Support Initiative funded the finishing touches and the celebration. The kindergarten was ameliorated to increase capacity from 60 to 90 students, providing more educational opportunities to the children of the community.

The opening of the kindergarten and the subsequent launch of the “Let’s Do Something!” campaign took place on International Volunteer Day 2019, signifying the importance of engaging in volunteer work for community improvement. The campaign aims to mobilize community members to address needs within their own communities through volunteer-led service projects.

“Reconstruction of a part of the Basen kindergarten, refurbishment of the yard, and acquisition of property became possible thanks to the work of volunteers. The Diaspora community also joined the volunteers, and thanks to them we have a kindergarten where our brilliant next generation will be educated and brought up to date with modern requirements. The launch in Basen village once again proves that we must build and promote prosperity of our homeland ourselves. I can say with great pride that we "did something" together #Basendidit. Now, it’s your turn…,” said the Head of Basen Community, Roman Hamayakyan.

The Governor of Shirak Region, Tigran Petrosyan, the Head of Akhuryan Community, Artsruni Igityan, the Head of Basen Community, Roman Hamayakyan and the USAID Armenia Mission Director Deborah Grieser presented opening remarks for the event.

The goal of the campaign is to build stronger communities through helping the most vulnerable community members, while working alongside one another. Engaging volunteers in projects for their own community creates a sense of pride and ownership for their environment, while also instilling a sense of efficacy in making positive changes.

“The “Let’s do something” campaign aspires to recreate and maintain the atmosphere of compassion and empathy that Armenians have demonstrated repeatedly. It is evident that the people of Basen are excited to be part of a change-making process and motivated to improve their communities. We hope that other communities will join Basen. #Basendidit,” noted Anna Daghlaryan, Program Development Officer at Armenia Support Initiative.

The “Let’s Do Something!” campaign will continue into 2020 with projects in Gyumri, Artik, and Amasia, with the goal of scaling up to other regions and communities in the future.