2019-12-05 16:20
Jackson’s Hits were Performed with a Symphony Orchestra Using New Instrumentation
Pop King Michael Jackson's songs were performed during the Classical Jackson Concert.

The concert was organized by the State Symphony Orchestra of Armenia ‚Factory Production Company and Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concert Complex.

Orchestra‚ Choir (conducted by Radik Melikyan) ‚ DJ ‚back vocal thereminvox‚ light effects. In this interesting format, the concert was accompanied by applause from Jackson's art lovers throughout the evening. The hall was full of ovations, with the audience singing along to the orchestra. It was in this atmosphere that the classical elaborations of Jackson's hits were accepted.

Artistic director and principal conductor of the State Symphony Orchestra of Armenia Sergey Smbatyan noted that they have chosen Jackson's most popular and beloved songs: “I have seen orchestras performing Jackson's works, but we have the emphasis on symphonic sound. Through such projects we show that the orchestra is a perfect instrument. We perform the works of Tchaikovsky's "Malerie's" Brooklyn's "Schnitke" and many more classical composers; today we will hear Michael Jackson's hits. This speaks to the quality of the orchestra and its overcoming of many problems. And this helps us show the full potential of the orchestra's sound,” - says Sergey Smbatyan, adding that the program will be developed in future.

The compositions of Jackson's songs were performed by composer Martin Ulikhanyan. According to Martin Ulikhanyan, there have been elaborations of Jackson's songs for the symphony orchestra, but they have worked to make the symphony orchestra lead. "We also added a DJ - we added some contemporary shades but left the orchestra as the main character."

A duduk was also used in arranging Jackson's songs. The evening featured Jackson's "Earth song", "You are not alone", "Black or white", "They do not care about us", "Remember the time", "Who is it?" And many other popular songs. The classic Jackson project is the result of many months of hard work that was loved and accepted by the audience.