By Gayane Melikyan
Photos by Emma Matevosyan
2019-11-23 16:58
Vanadzor Hosted a Conference on the Development of Local and International Cooperation
On November 22, Youth Capital of the RA Vanadzor hosted a conference on the development of local and international cooperation at the Technological Center. The conference was organized by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport within the framework of the Youth Capital 2019 program.

The purpose of the conference was to develop local and international youth cooperation, promote youth mobility, and raise youth awareness of local and international projects.

A number of experts came to the conference.

Director of the Youth Initiatives Center in Gyumri, coordinator of the Erasmus + Youth Information Center in Armenia, international youth field expert Artur Najaryan told that the conference presented both Erasmus + Youth and The European Solidarity Corps program implemented by the European Union, which gives young people aged 18-30 the opportunity to work in European countries from 2 weeks to 12 months.

“The program generated a great deal of interest among the participants, as evidenced by the large number of attendees. We were tasked with providing youth with information on international training and development programs in Vanadzor and surrounding areas. I must say with great joy that we succeeded,” - Artur Najaryan said, adding that immediately after the meeting the participants' activity was already noticeable, which is certainly an important and joyous fact.

According to the expert, there are more opportunities today than before, but the number of participants has been more coordinated, as the projects have been implemented by several structures. This fact has never caused a quality problem. "There is a serious problem in Armenia today, which was also raised by the participants, as organizations sometimes require money, but in reality, such programs aim to provide access; That's why they are free,” - says Arthur Najaryan.

According to him, the Erasmus + Youth Information Center has been operating in Armenia since 2017, which is responsible for providing information on the project in Armenia. “We assume that this may be due to the fact that more youth from the region have begun to participate and take advantage of these opportunities. Many are not students or members of any community in their community, but have learned about the program through various meetings or social media and applied. This is probably a positive move,” - says the expert.

Gayane Arakelyan, Coordinator of the Open Youth Center of the Youth House, expert during the conference spoke on the topic of "Open Youth Work in Armenia".

Participants were introduced to the principles and approaches of open youth work, in particular what work by different organizations and groups is considered to be professional, open youth work. The activity of "Youth House" open youth center, the only and only open-ended youth work methodology in Armenia, was also presented.

“Today's youth have great potential, but it will be possible to maintain and further develop that potential if organizations act in good faith, with appropriate principles and values. And such conferences are certainly a good opportunity to inform and inform young people about various international programs, partnerships,” - Gayane Arakelyan said.

Edik Harutyunyan, coordinator of the Youth State Policy, Youth Programs working group, said in a conversation with us that the program gives an opportunity to participate in the formation of youth policy in the future.

Conference participant Vahe Khachikyan (Public Relations Officer of NGO Center and Vanadzor Infotan Program Coordinator) told us that holding state events in the provinces is very important and welcomed, as economically inactive youth often lack the means to reach Yerevan. to make their voices heard, to raise issues.

According to Vahe Khachikyan, this conference was a good opportunity to once again update the information he possesses in the field, as well as to communicate, exchange experiences and discuss with industry experts.

It should be noted that the proposals presented by the conference participants will be summarized and submitted by experts and coordinators to the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Armenia, which will be taken into consideration during the further development of the Ministry's plans.