By Gayane Melikyan
2019-10-19 20:07
Audi Has Stopped the Project of Flying Taxi Pop.Up Next
Audi and its subsidiary Italdesign atelier have stopped all works on the Pop.Up Next concept. Audi is unhappy with the partnership with Airbus and intend to abandon it. The project is either frozen, or completely collapsed. “We are currently working on a new direction in urban air mobility and have not yet decided on potential future products,” - Audi notes.

Airbus refused to comment on the completion of the partnership, while Audi added a few words: “We worked on a solution to the maximum complexity and came to the conclusion that it will take a lot of time before the serial air taxi stops requiring passengers to change the vehicle.” Other car manufacturers do not agree with this. For example, Geely is developing the Terrafugia project in China, and the Porsche brand has cooperated with a Boeing to create a device with vertical take-off and landing.