By Gayane Melikyan
2019-10-14 22:29
Porsche Co-Owns Infrared Camera Startup
Porsche acquired a minority stake in TriEye, an Israeli startup, becoming its strategic investor.

TriEye has developed short-wave infrared (SWIR) sensor technology. Such cameras are capable of detecting objects in fog, dusty air and in heavy rain. Michael Steiner, Member of the Executive Council for Research and Development at Porsche AG, said: “We see great potential in this technology that paves the way for the next generation of driver assistance systems and autonomous driving functions. "SWIR sensors can be a key element: they offer enhanced security at a competitive price."

The head of the 911 project, August Achleitner, said that this model will be “one of the last in the world” to switch to autonomous driving. Still, the character there is different, the priority of driving pleasure, like Porsche as a whole. But at the same time, having a number of driver assistants is not forbidden.

However, individual elements of autonomy will still penetrate the brand model. Now the Germans have introduced automatic retention in the lane on the legendary 911th. It is no coincidence that Porsche continues to invest in innovative companies or even buy them in whole or in part. Recent examples from this area: Rimac (electric cars) and Cetitec (software).