By Mariam Hovuni
Photos by Mariam Hovuni
2019-09-28 00:22
Aromatic Tea and Coffee in One Place: the Annual Coffee and Tea Festival Kicks Off
For the third time at the initiative of Prom Expo and Azd companies the annual Coffee and Tea Festival has been held in the territory of Swan Lake in Yerevan.

The festival participants had the opportunity to enjoy coffee and tea with delicious desserts, to taste and buy coffee and tea at wholesale prices.

The main event of the festival was the exhibition-sale of coffee, tea and related accessories. A wide variety of coffee, tea and herbal teas were presented. In the specially placed pavilions, the guests were given the opportunity to participate in the tea ceremonies of different peoples of the world.

The event was accompanied by live music, and the atmosphere did not leave tourists indifferent. Pierre has been in Armenia for 5 days only, he didn't know about the festival, but the beautiful and fragrant aroma attracted him, too.

"It's an interesting festival, I particularly drew my attention on the teas made from the herbs of your mountains. I was thinking a lot about what I could buy for my relatives. Today, that problem has been resolved," - Pierre said.

Tasting Armenian-made coffee and tea, Pierre confessed that he used to think about China, India, Iran, England when talking about tea, and now he added another country, Armenia, to the list.

During the 2 days of the festival, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the best coffee and tea producers' products both in Armenia and abroad, and to buy samples of pastries.

The Coffee and Tea Festival is being held from 2017 and will continue until September 28.