By Milena Mkrtchyan
2019-06-07 22:19
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The German "Roncalli" circus became the first in which the animals were replaced by animal holograms during the circus performance.

The German "Roncalli" circus has refused to show the circus numbers of animals, although there is no such barrier in Germany, unlike many European countries. Now, the elephants, horses and even the fish appear in the circus arena as holograms.

The circus management has been gradually abandoning the appearance of the animals on the scene since the 1990s, The Daily Mail reports. The goal is to avoid the cruel treatment of animals.

In addition to the hologram show program in the "Roncalli" circle, the unique numbers of acrobatics have their own unique place.

Three-dimensional holograms have been used in the circus since last year. The light show cost 500 thousand euros. Last year's performance 600,000 visitors had watched. The cost of the "Roncalli" circus ticket costs from EUR 29 to EUR70. The system allows visitors to see the holograms wherever they are.

Animal rights defenders and circus visitors are satisfied.