By Milena Mkrtchyan
2019-06-01 01:04
"Electronic" Poison. What is the Danger of Alternative Cigarettes?
What makes electronic cigarettes different from usual, what are the risks, what do doctors think and what are the responses in the world about the alternative cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes were created in Hong Kong in 2004. The main difference between ordinary cigarettes is that the smoker is inspired not by the smoke but by the boiling fluid vapor. Thus, electronic cigarettes are similar to calibers or hookahs, with one or more cigarette smoke detectors for filtering and freezing smoke. It acts as a filter with water, wine or other liquid. Electronic cigarettes charge with a special liquid that can contain nicotine and the liquid is heated by means of a built-in battery.

Today, electronic cigarettes are available in three forms: IQOS and Glo-type cigarette heaters, open systems, the user can independently add liquid and closed systems, electronic cigarettes for which special ready-to-sell catarrh are sold.

People who want to quit smoking are often using cigarettes as a transitional period before completely quitting tobacco. Electronic cigarettes are especially popular among young people and adolescents.

Doctors' Opinion:

In 2014, the World Health Organization released a report describing anxiety about the use of electronic cigarettes. The point is that there are no studies that prove that electronic cigarettes are harmless or at least relatively harmless than conventional, what the manufacturers state. However, studies have already been conducted, the results of which indicate that the damper fluid is harmful. At best, this fluid consists of glycerol, propylene glycol, flavoring additives, and sometimes nicotine, and, at worst, it is unknown what it contains, because many prepare it independently and do not mention the ingredients. There were even cases of death. For example, in Tatarstan, a schoolchild died of poisoning.

Manufacturers say that electronic cigarettes are relatively less damaging to health because they do not burn and do not produce cancerous chemicals in case of steam. However, it should be noted that nicotine is dependent on steam and the delivery of nicotine to the organism, even in the other way, does not exclude the risk of cancer.

Let's add that electronic cigarettes also hide another danger among themselves. If they are used by someone else, and in many cases this happens, there is a danger of getting an infection, and the device may explode if the battery is too heavy.

Attitude in the world towards E-cigarette

According to the World Health Organization, cigarettes and cigarettes are not an alternative to ordinary cigarettes, as they also add dependence, including psychological. In 2014, the organization called for equalizing electronic cigarettes to ordinary cigarettes and set appropriate restrictions.

Some European countries have already done so. From the point of view of law, this type of smoking in Spain, Latvia, Malta, Serbia, Slovakia, Paris does not differ from cigarette smoking. The use of the electronic cigarette is prohibited on airplanes by almost all the air companies in the world.

In the United States, each state has restrictions on the use of electronic cigarettes. For example, in Canada, Austria and Latin America, it is forbidden to sell or store any form of electronic cigarettes, even if you are a tourist.

In Moscow, the Moscow region and St. Petersburg, in 2017, 2018 and 2019, respectively, have adopted a law prohibiting the sale of it among juveniles.

The strictest ban on electronic cigarettes works in Thailand and no matter how strange it is in the homeland of electronic cigarette inventions in Hong Kong. There can be a large fine for the import or storage of this product, or imprisonment for a two-year period.