2019-05-29 13:18
Armenian Culture Days in Moscow
On May 27, the Armenian Assembly NGO began hosting Armenian Culture Days in Moscow.
The Armenian Assembly non-governmental organization, with the participation and support of the Embassy of Armenia in Russia, as well as the Russian and New Nakhichevan Diocese of Armenian Apostolic Church, will hold Armenian Culture Days in Moscow from May 27 to June 1, 2019.
The opening of the Days of Armenian Culture in Moscow was marked at the Concert Hall of Moscow State Conservatory after P. I. Tchaikovsky, with the jubilee concert of Tigran Mansuryan, who turned 80 this year. Tigran Mansuryan, the famous Armenian composer, works in various musical genres and is the author of favorite music compositions of different films.
The participants of the concert were the Chamber Orchestra “Music Viva” conducted by Alexander Rubin, Tula State Choir conducted by Alexander Solovyov, vocal ensemble “Questa musica”, as well as famous musicians Sergey Poltavsky (alto), Pavel Dombrovsky (piano), Mariam Avtisyan (soprano). 
Among the honorable guests of the concert were members of the Women’s Initiatives Committee of Armenian Assembly Irina Pochitaeva, Yelena Tsaturova, Armine Kazaryan, member of the IT and Science Committee Sergey Azatyan, entrepreneur from Lebanon, owner of international restaurants “Mayrig” Aline Kamakian and the representatives of the gastronomy sector invited to GOURMET FEST, together with other participants of the Days of Armenian Culture from Armenia and other countries.
Armenian Assembly and the organizers of Days of Armenian Culture in Moscow hope that these events will become a platform for the establishment of strong ties among the representatives of the Armenian diaspora, as well as with successful and honorable people outside the diaspora, and will contribute to the creation of a higher image of Armenia, preservation of the national identity, popularization of its centuries-long culture and ancient language.