Author: Hayk Tsatryan
2019-03-01 14:28
Cardiff to pay Nantes 17 million euros for Sala if FIFA registered a transfer
Cardiff will have to pay Nantes for the transfer of Emiliano Sala.

Despite the loss of the player, the Welsh club is obliged to pay for the transfer, since it was registered by FIFA, lawyer Alexandra Cohen said.

“The transfer agreement is considered valid once it is registered by FIFA. If this happens, Cardiff will have to pay 17 million euros to Nantes, despite the loss of the player,” said Cohen.

According to a source close to Nantes, the deal between the clubs was finalized: “The contract was signed on Saturday at 17:00 and approved on Monday.”

“As for insurance, Nantes has precisely designed it. The question is whether the insurance is valid after the transfer is made, and whether Cardiff has managed to insure the player. If so, the Welsh club can count on full compensation of the transfer value from the insurance company. In any case, someone will have to pay 17 million euros,” added Cohen.