By Hrachuhi Almastyan
2019-04-07 14:20
Floating cities that will protect humanity from a global flood
Recently, UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammad announced that Floating Cities will allow to avoid drowsiness caused by global climate change.

“Our approaches to the development and environmental impact of the cities need to be reconsidered. Floating cities can become one of the new tools in our arsenal. Climatic changes are raising the risk of urban flooding and need to build cities that will not be submerged under the sea level,” – the official said.

It should be noted that floating cities already exist in the world and a number of projects are in the process of implementation.

Floating cities or the same as the world's largest yachts have pools, helicopters landing platforms, stage, space for outdoor celebrations, large restaurants and cafes, golf fields and more.

World famous ships are Disney Dream, Carnival Victory and Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas.

Many years ago the ATLANTIS project was also developed by the "AT Design" architectural firm. The Chinese company, China Communications Construction Company, has taken over responsibility for its implementation. If this project is implemented, in the near future, several floating cities will appear in the ocean.

The project envisages building a bridge linking the city with Macau, Hong Kong and Zhou.

The city will have underwater tracks, trails and tunnels, areas for a walk. One of the main goals is to minimize “carbon footprint”. That is why locals and guests will use electric cars.

In the town there will be a farm, a bakery machine, as well as hotel and jewelry places.

Designer Kevin Schopfer has also presented a floating city project for 30,000 residents. The complex, with a diameter of 3 km, consists of four districts and has form of a floating jellyfish. It is able to withstand storms and typhoons.