Author: H. Tsatryan
2019-04-03 23:10
The Participants of the Basketball "A" League Final are Known
"Urartu" and "Aragats" will meet in the "A" League final of Armenian basketball championship.

The 5th match of the semi-final "Urartu" - "Artsakh" took place in the Armenian basketball league "A". In the match, Urartu managed to win with a score of 85-80 (total score - 4-3). By the way, this is due to the fact that the third and fourth round matches of A League are also included in the play-offs calculation. As a result, Urartu will compete in the final.

The opponent was decided earlier. In the other semi-final of the A-League, Aragats defeated "Artik-Man Holding".

By the way, let us note that the score of "A League" final is already 2-0 in favor of "Aragats", and the team that has 5 victories in the final will become champion of Armenia.