Author: Harutyun Tsatryan
2019-04-01 22:55
Young Athlete is the Winner of the European Under-18 Cup
Susanna Stepanyan has won in the Judo European Under-18 cup.

Susanna Stepanyan, who participates in the U18 European Under-18 Championship in Tula, Russia, has shown the best result. In the 40kg weight class, the Armenian athlete was stronger than Russian Karina Minikaeva.

Other Armenian representatives were Mesrop Nikoyan (50 kg), Eduard Ezikyan, Ruben Hakobyan (55 kg), Styopa Darbinyan, Gevorg Manukyan (both 60 kg), Vahe Aghanyan, David Abrahamyan (both 66 kg). The latter did not win medals.

By the way, Susanna Stepanyan, the winner of this tournament, started from the quarterfinal.