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Porsche Co-Owns Infrared Camera Startup
Porsche acquired a minority stake in TriEye, an Israeli startup, becoming its strategic investor.
Electric Volvo XC40 will be One of the Safest Models
Volvo has announced the date of the public premiere of its first production electric car - the XC40 SUV. (The experience with the C30 Electric hatchback has not been forgotten, but that car was produced in small batches.) So, on October 16, the brand will enter a new era. It's not just about “batteries.” The novelty is declared as "one of the safest cars on the road" and "one of the safest ever produced by Volvo."
The official opening ceremony of European Heritage Days
On 28 September, 2019 the official opening ceremony of European Heritage Days was held in Armenia, at “Amberd fortress” historical and cultural museum-reservation. The event was organized by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Armenia and the Delegation of the European Union to Armenia.
Aromatic Tea and Coffee in One Place: the Annual Coffee and Tea Festival Kicks Off
For the third time at the initiative of Prom Expo and Azd companies the annual Coffee and Tea Festival has been held in the territory of Swan Lake in Yerevan.
EmpYraY Rock Band Has a New Composition
Emil Khosrovyan (vocals) and Hamlet Grigoryan (drums) have joined the band.
Youth Exchange “How to Start Up for Young People”
A one year project “How to SART UP for Young People” is financed by European Commission within Erasmus Plus projects and will be devoted to fighting against unemployment among young people, especially from vulnerable groups, poor background and fewer opportunities.