By Nune Harutyunyan
Photos by Armen Simonyan
Screening of Alexander Kott’s film “Spitak” was held
Moscow Cinema hosted the screening of film director Alexander Kott’s film “Spitak”, which is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the devastating earthquake that took place in Spitak on December 7, 1988.

The film is about a person who left his wife and little daughter in Armenia and returned to the homeland to find his family after finding out what had happened in the country.

It seems as though the plot begins after the earthquake. The filmmaker has placed emphasis on his personal tragedy, making the events develop from the moment the earthquake has taken place.

One gets the impression that this is a side glance at the events that took place back then. There are many symbolic scenes. The film director attaches great importance to symbolic images in the film. “I didn’t want to present a film about misery and about how we Armenians fought against the natural disaster. What was important for me was to present a miracle and show that if we believe in a miracle, it will happen. The main character of the film returns to Armenia to find his family, but it is safe to say that the family finds him. This is the miracle, and this is what is important for me in this film.”

The leading actors of the film are Hermine Stepanyan and Lernik Harutyunyan, who don’t hide their admiration for Kott and say that Kott treats them like professionals.

Hermine Stepanyan stated that when she and Lernik Harutyunyan were working with Kott, they realized that this film was going to be a highly aesthetic film. “The film is symbolic. It is beautiful and presents a genuine story of a person. My character simply had to believe in a miracle as a mother. If she didn’t, she shouldn’t have believed that her little child would be saved. All the main characters in the film had to believe in the existence of a miracle.”

The soundtrack of the film is by Serj Tankian.

In terms of genre, the film is a film-requiem. Both the film director and Serj Tankian wanted the film to become a film-requiem that will be luminescent and hopeful.

Let us add that the film “Spitak” was presented in the main competition program of the 40th Moscow International Film Festival of 2018 and won an award in the Best Film Director category.