By Haik Tsatryan, Moscow, Russia
Day 14 of World Cup: Goodbye, German team!
The German football team, which is currently the world champion, failed to prove that it is more worthy to make it to the play-off than its other opponents in Group F and headed “home”.

Out of the teams in Group F, only Mexico’s national team scored a pass to the play-off stage after winning the Germans and the South Koreans.

The first half of the South Korea-Germany match ended with a tie (0-0), and in the second half, the Germans failed to score a goal quickly and outscore the South Koreans.

Even after their victory, the South Koreans were said since they had learned about what had happened during the Mexico-Sweden match. There were no goals in the first half of the match held in Yekaterinburg. In the second half, the Swedes managed to outscore the Mexicans at the 50th minute. The match ended with Sweden’s victory (3-0).

The opponents of the Swedes and Mexicans were determined in the Serbia-Brazil and Switzerland-Costa Rica matches. Although Costa Rica’s team had no chance to make it to the play-off after being defeated twice, it led a heated struggle against the Swiss team. In the first half of the match held in Nizhni Novgorod, the Swiss team’s midfielder Blerim Jemeyli managed to outscore the Costa Ricans. However, Kendal Watson managed to restore the balance in the second half.

The Serbia-Brazil match ended with Brazil’s victory (2-0) after Tiagu Silva scored a goal.

After Germany’s team was left out of the championship, the Brazilians can no longer take revenge over the humiliating defeat (1-7) that they suffered during the 2014 World Cup. In the 1/8 final, the South Koreans will face off with the Mexican team, which won the Germans, but won second place in the group. The match will be held on 2 July in Samara, while the Swiss team’s opponent will be the Swedish team. The matches of the two European teams will be held on 3 July in Saint Petersburg.