DJ Gilbert’s and Lilu’s new interpretation of Armenian song “Martiki Yerge” (Song of a Fighter)
Young U.S.-based Armenian DJ Gilbert has presented a remix of the Armenian song “Martiki Yerge” (Song of a Fighter), which has been quite well-received in Armenia and the USA.

In the comments of the DJ’s YouTube channel, Diaspora Armenians extend their thanks to the DJ for presenting Armenian national music, for awakening their memories and for a beautiful performance.

“There are songs that are never forgotten, become dear and close to your heart, and one of those songs is Ashot Satyan’s “Karoti Yerge” (Song of Longing), which was later renamed as “Martiki Yerge” (Song of a Fighter). The composer was very sentimental when composing this song, and I have tried to express that sentimentality in my way,” DJ Gilbert told and added the following: “I feel like a guest who is temporarily living far away from the homeland, but my real home is Armenia. The longing is calling me home. I must admit that I immediately purchased a ticket after finishing the musical arrangement for the song and will be visiting Armenia in July.”

DJ Gilbert also provided details about presenting the song with patriotic motives. “The music was arranged with Arayik MG Muradyan. When we were arranging the music, we noticed that we needed someone with a melodic, tranquil and emotional voice that would sound like the voice of a mother and would touch the hearts of mothers. Singer Lilu best met those standards, and we decided to collaborate with her,” DJ Gilbert said.

According to DJ Gilbert, such projects will be ongoing since he has a plan to make Armenian culture more recognizable abroad, even if it means producing remixes.

DJ Gilbert has performed duets with several well-known singers and is better known for his remixes of the Armenian songs “Yerjankutyan Artsunqnere” (Tears of Joy), “Ari, Ari” (Come, Come) and “Siro Namake” (Love Letter).

DJ Gilbert has always stood out with his remixes of patriotic songs. The well-known Armenian DJ’s first cover of Ara Gevorgyan’s “Artsakh” helped him achieve great success.