By Gayane Melikyan
Photos by Armen Simonyan
When mothers and children run
On June 23, mothers and their little children participated in the MamaBalikRun-2018 charity race.

The event was organized by MamaForum and the Armenian Charity Runners Team with the support of Awesome Foundation Yerevan.

The idea of charity lies at the core of MamaBalikRun-2018. All proceeds will go to the Nimba social enterprise, which is a new Armenian home textile trademark. The products are manufactured by the parents of children with disabilities and from disadvantaged families, but mainly single mothers.

With great joy and excitement, founder of the MamaForum platform Mariam Movsisyan told journalists that such events only have a positive impact on mothers and their children. According to her, participation in the charity race can help prove that one can and needs to be active and vivacious with children.

“One of the missions of the initiative is to disseminate a healthy lifestyle and humanism. Many people set social life aside after having a child, but it is exactly that period in which they need to be active, mobile and live healthy. Many mothers are participating in our action for the second time and are feeling more positive and more excited,” Mariam Movsisyan stated.

In an interview with, announcer and mother Mary Nersisyan stated that whatever concerns mothers and children is already interesting, especially when it is linked to charity. The announcer decided to participate in the charity race upon the recommendation of her colleague and announcer Mamikon Simonyan, who was actually the announcer for this event.

“I gladly decided to participate. By participating in this event, we are able to help many children, and my children also spend a wonderful time and interact with their peers,” Mary Nersisyan stated.

Let us mention that the winners and all the participants were awarded medals and certificates.

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