Young people of Ijevan are invited to attend “Media Participation” training course
Are you a young person? Do you want to participate in the governance of your community with command of the methods of participation and the basics of new media? If you answered yes to these questions, then this course is just for you.
KAMQ Youth Programs Center of Lori NGO is inviting young people of Ijevan (2018 Youth Capital of the Republic of Armenia) and the adjacent villages who are between the ages of 16 and 30 to participate in the Media Participation Program.
Through the program, from July 14 to 17, Ijevan will host a training course that will help the participants gain knowledge about participation in governance of a community by learning how to carry out community initiatives, take photos the right way, write interesting articles, open and host a blog and participate in the local self-governance of a community as civil journalists (or so-called 4th power) through new media.
To participate, applicants need to complete the application form by July 10, 2018. The participants will be selected based on the applications, and only selected participants will be informed. Participation is free. The program is carried out with the support of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia.
The goal of the program is to help raise the level of awareness of the young beneficiaries about participatory governance and help them become more engaged in community life and local self-governance through new media. The program is also aimed at helping young people choose their professions, mitigating the issue of employment and improving the quality of communication between young people and local self-government bodies through the preparation of civil journalists.
For more information, please call at 096-31-97-91 or 093-40-50-82 or send an e-mail to kamqlori@gmail.com.