By Mariam Hovuni
Photos by Mariam Hovuni
Yerevan-Etchmiadzin Marathon kicks off
“Pyunik” Union of Disabled Persons of Armenia and the Advocacy Center on Council of Europe Standards hosted today the Yerevan-Etchmiadzin Marathon through cooperation with non-governmental organizations.

The participants of the already beloved and anticipated marathon had gathered in the morning and prepared signs, and some had even managed to exercise. This marathon for persons with disabilities serves as an opportunity to record new indicators. The marathon was definitely anticipated, and evidence of this was the large number of participants who had actually traveled from Armenia’s provinces especially to participate in the marathon.

Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Armenia Piotr Switalski and Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of the Republic of Armenia Artem Asatyran had come to meet the participants and wish them good luck.

EU Ambassador to the Republic of Armenia Piotr Switalski attached importance to such events, stating that they are aimed at showing that we are all equal and have the same rights. “Today I see many participants, including participants from the provinces and young people. This goes to show that the event is very important. The marathon is being held again after a certain interval. It is aimed at changing people’s mindsets, raising awareness and presenting the problems and concerns of persons with disabilities once again.”

Touching upon the problems of persons with disabilities in Armenia, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Artem Asatryan assured that the government always takes steps to solve their problems.

Let us add that the marathon with wheelchairs is one of the conventional programs of “Pyunik” Union that is aimed at raising public awareness about the problems of persons with disabilities.

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