By Tamara Gasparyan
Edgar Harutyunyan: “If your heart and soul are empty, you live without creating”
On October 6, Library # 1 in Avan District hosted a meeting with young writer Edgar Harutyunyan ahead of Librarians’ Day.

Readers shared their impressions of his books, discussed the works and asked the author their questions. Edgar Harutyunyan doesn’t consider himself a writer, but the representatives of the Library say his books are always checked out and they don’t even place them on the bookshelves since they know the books will be checked out sooner or later.

The author says he had never had the intention to write a book. “I would put my emotions and feelings on paper, better yet, I would post them on Facebook. I had a lot of followers on my Instagram, and it so happened that I received positive feedback. I came up with the idea of compiling all my notes and publishing a book, especially since I had dreamed of becoming a writer since childhood and see my books placed in shelves, just like the books by Armenian writer Raffi,” Harutyunyan said.

Edgar Harutyunyan also talked about his inspiration. “Whatever I have written and write and whatever turns out well happens when I am in a difficult stage in life, that is, when I don’t have peace of mind and have financial difficulties. However, love is always the driving force. If your heart and soul are empty, you live without creating anything.”

The book “The Art of Being Devoted or a Gift to a Rose” has been published six times in a total of 4,000 copies. When Edgar Harutyunyan wanted to publish the book in 2,000 copies for the first time in 2015, people were trying to convince him that it would be impossible to sell that many copies in Armenia.

“They scared me with facts and figures and told me to sell the books in 1,500 copies. I published the book in July, and the books were sold out by the end of the year,” the author said.

The book “Unfound Daisies” was also published in 4,000 copies and went on to become a bestseller.

At the end of the meeting, the author donated his books to the Library.

Edgar Harutyunyan is a young writer, photographer and hiker. His books “The Art of Being Devoted or a Gift to a Rose” and “Unfound Daises” have been among the top bestsellers in Yerevan several times.