By Roza Grigoryan
Photos by Armen Simonyan
Narek Duryan’s new play “We and Our Lies” performed at Bohem Theater
On October 5, the comedy “We and Our Lies” based on D. Psafas’s play “Liar Needed” was performed at Bohem Theater after an interval of eight years.

Lies, with all of their manifestations, were being told in the theater founded and directed by Narek Duryan. The main character of the play was a deputy, a person who, at first sight, doesn’t seem to be a person who can tell lies. This deputy, as he is referred to in the play, is seeking an assistant who will be able to listen to voters, convince them, make them promises and, of course, trick them. After all, as he says, it is tough to be a deputy. The main character eventually finds his desired assistant who, at first sight, is a genuine master in telling lies. However, it turns out that the deputy’s wife is also a wonderful liar. As the deputy’s newfound assistant Poochik-Khachik says, women are innate liars since they have a God-given gift. Lies are born before women are, and the question is the following: Who will win in this case?

In this context, the play is about the relationship between a man and a woman and provides the audience with the opportunity to understand who lies better-a man or a woman. It also touches upon the tragic state of transportation in Yerevan. However, the main idea of the play is the following: we are all liars, and he who claims that he can’t lie is twice the liar.

The play was localized and staged by Narek Duryan, and the producer is Kristine Hovhannisyan. The leading actor is Narek Duryan. The play also stars Karen Mirijanyan, Zaruhi Hovhannisyan, Telman Arakelyan, Siranush Yerikyan, Garik Mirzoyan, Susanna Ghazaryan and Tatev Mirumyan.

The play will also be performed on October 7 and will be part of the list of plays of Bohem Theater.