By Gayane Melikyan
Results of final of ClimateLaunchpad Armenia-2017 summed up, 3 teams won
The final stage of the ClimateLaunchpad Armenia-2017 startup business ideas competition was held today. The competition is being held as part of the cooperation between the New Technology Education Fund and Climate KIC’s ClimateLaunchpad Program.

The goal of the competition is to show the successful ideas in the clean technologies in Armenia and promote the future enhancement of those ideas, turning them into successful business projects.

The ten participants of the final stage were selected out of 30 teams and participated in the first stage of the competition from June 8 to 9. Throughout June and July, the teams participated in six advisory courses.

Out of the 10 teams, the following 3 won and became the top 3:
1. Advanced Biofuel/Biodiesel
2. Ecopad
3. Atmospheric Water Generator for Cars (AWCA)’s correspondent sat down for an interview with founding director of New Technology Education Fund Vahan Shakaryan. According to him, the programs were quite interesting. “Of course, there are problems with the presentation of the projects and the implementation of the ideas, but we are doing everything we can to learn how to present the right way, count the right way and examine the right way,” Vahan Shakaryan noted.

When asked about the principles under which the winners were selected, Vahan Shakaryan noted that the focus was on modernity, the opportunities of the market and, most importantly, the fact that the projects comply with the idea for which all this was carried out. According to him, the programs will be applicable, if the authors are consistent and if there is funding.’s correspondent also interviewed the participants of the winning teams. Irina Mkrtchyan, Gevorg Guloyan, Mkhitar Avetisyan and Mikayel Mikayelyan were part of the Advanced Biofuel/Biodiesel team, which won first place.

According to Irina Mkrtchyan, the team first tried to understand what the problem in the market is. The idea of the project was conceived a long time ago. The team worked hard and examined every element in detail.

According to team member Gevorg Guloyan, the activities were held more intensively during participation in this program. Multilateral studies were conducted, and most importantly, the project was presented in compliance with the conditions of Armenia. “As we know, we can produce diesel from used vegetable oil, and for preliminary calculation, we counted the used vegetable oil that is thrown away in Armenia. We have asked how beneficial it will be for Armenia,” Gevorg Guloyan noted and added that the communities using diesel fuel have been selected as a target first, after which it will be expanded.

Lilit Hayrapetyan, Samvel Khalatyan and Laura Orlova worked as part of the Ecopad team, which won second place. Presenting their project, Lilit Hayrapetyan noted the following: “Our project is considered the first innovative Notepad in Armenia that can be used about 10 times. A particular note can be erased with a pen, a hairdryer and a microwave oven. This is still the only one of its kind in Armenia and is unmatched.”

Victoria Raisyan, Hermine Varagulyan and Hrachya Sargsyan were part of the Atmospheric Water Generator for Cars (AWGC) team, which won third place.

According to Victoria Raisyan, they worked on the project for about a year, but they are still working to enhance it. Talking about the project, Victoria noted the following: “In general, there are devices that can help you get water from air, but there are no specific and mobile devices designed specifically for cars. For that, our team thought of a different version that could be used in cars so that drivers can drink water during movement.”

The team believes its project will be applicable and is working in that direction.

Let us mention that the three teams will participate in the European final to be held on 17-18 October in Limasol, Cyprus. During the European competition, the top three will receive €10,000, €5,000 and €2,500, respectively, and the participants in the top 10 will receive support from the creators of the Climate-KIC Acceleration Program.