By Gayane Melikyan
Photos by Armen Simonyan
Sevak Khanaghyan: I live for music; music is my life”
On September 11, Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences hosted well-known Armenian singer, winner of the Ukrainian X-фактор (X-Factor) TV song contest Sevak Khanaghyan. Among the attendees of the meeting were Deputy Rector Hasmik Apyan, Vice-President of the Student Council Anna Achoyan, as well as students and professors.

The students greeted the singer to the sounds of his song and checked his knowledge of his own songs with a game and descriptions.

Sevak Khanaghyan had a sincere conversation with the students and answered their questions. According to him, there are different situations in life when it is sometimes difficult to pronounce certain phrases simply because you don’t understand why it happened that way. The most difficult phrase for him to pronounce is the Armenian phrase “Inchu Indz Davatchanetsir” (Why did you betray me?). In response to’s question as to how he behaves himself during ups-and-downs, the artist stated the following: “Of course, there are ups-and-downs, and I have had them as well. Whenever I have failed, I haven’t lost hope. On the contrary, I have started aspiring for me. Whenever I have succeeded, I haven’t been satisfied with my success. I have always struggled.”

Sevak Khanaghyan doesn’t have idols, but he respects those with principles and accepts those people as idols.

When asked if he would choose to be a singer if he were born again, Sevak said the following: “I wouldn’t change anything in my life in general. I would try to live without making mistakes. I know my mistakes very well. However, I would definitely choose to be a singer again. I live for music. Music is my life. I think about song and music every second, even on a plane. I do what I love to do, and that is the most important thing. In other words, I am surrounded by music.”

Talking about his victory in the X-фактор (X-Factor) TV song contest in Ukraine, the artist noted that he wasn’t expecting to win, even though many claimed that he had smiled on stage since he knew he was going to win.

“I was actually certain that the Ukrainian group was going to win since I was an Armenian living in Ukraine and was participating in a Ukrainian TV song contest. I was simply smiling because I would be leaving with my head up high and with a smile on my face, if I won 2nd place,” the singer said.

Let us mention that the students had prepared a video for the singer that presented the singer’s past and gave him a small gift.