By Mariam Hovuni
Photos by Mariam Hovuni
Discovering “At a Second Glance”
On September 7, the New Studio hosted a photo exhibition called “At a Second Glance”.

This exhibition, which was an exhibition that characterized the 21st century, showcased black-and-white photos with a colorful look and provided viewers with the opportunity to discover. It not only showed the ability of the photographer and the looks and smiles of the posers, but was also a mix of technological innovation.

A group of young photographers have carried out a crazy and innovative initiative that is providing individuals with the opportunity to know new things through the Arloopa mobile app.

The “At a Second Glance” photo exhibition is organized by the young members of World Vision, the New Studio, as well as photographer Emin Aritsakesyan and X-tech creative studio’s arloopa startup.

The goal of the photo exhibition is to break the stereotype of forming an opinion and making judgments at a first glance.

“I joined the initiative when it was already in progress. I joined with great pleasure because the young creators’ enthusiasm attracted me. Photography provides one with the opportunity to reach out to a person’s soul, and this is the basis of the project. This is why the initiative immediately attracted my attention,” creator of the photographs Emin Aristakesyan stated in an interview with

According to Emin, one needs to work as a psychologist with the particular poser for quite a lot of time in order to produce such photos and know the poser. It was interesting for the photographer to make the transition from black-and-white to color, that is, from dry to emotional. “When you take photos, you create a world, and it is within those few hours that you live an entire life with a person and, very often, I managed to know more about the poser than he knew about himself.”

Although Emin knows almost all the posers, he admitted that even in this case, a small world was created, and he managed to make small discoveries about the poser again.

The exhibition, which is the only one of its kind, will run until September 11. So, if you want to make discoveries at a second glance, hurry up and visit the New Studio!

Gallery: Photo exhibition: “At a Second Glance”