By Gayane Melikyan
Hovhannes Aivazovsky: “The gray-haired god of the sea”
On September 8, art critic Anush Hakobyan gave a lecture devoted to Hovhannes Aivazovsky ahead of the 200th birth anniversary of the brilliant marine artist.

In her lecture, Hakobyan talked about Aivazovsky’s life and career, as well as his successes and paintings. The attendees received information and discovered Hovhannes Aivazovsky the phenomenon from many angles.

According to the speaker, Aivazovsky is the pride of the Armenian nation. His family moved from Ani (Western Armenia) to Poland. The Petersburg Academy of Arts, which was under the control of Czar Nikolay, played a major role in Aivazovsky’s life. During his years of study, Aivazovsky already stood out with his unique talent, and what helped the artist even more was the fact that Nikolay I was propitious. “It should be stated that even though many artists have had the talent, they haven’t achieved success. However, Aivazovsky was one of the exceptional painters who always succeeded. He can be considered a lucky and successful artist,” the speaker stated.

During the event, the speaker also touched upon the most recognized painting (“The Ninth Wave”), stating that Aivazovsky created this painting after he listened to the legends of sailors. The painting became his most famous masterpiece, and in 1897, it was purchased by Nikolay I for the Hermitage and later transferred to the Russian Museum.

Anush Hakobyan stated that Aivazovsky’s art of painting and presenting the sea truly set him aside from other marine artists. Many painters have tried to portray the sea in different situations, but Aivazovsky’s paintings have always stood out.

The speaker would present each of Aivazovsky’s paintings during the lecture.