By Tamara Gasparyan
Davit Samvelyan presents book “The Winter of Rodin”
On the evening of 7 September, there were more people than usual at Bukinist Bookstore. Book lovers had gathered for the presentation of Davit Samvelyan’s latest book “The Winter of Rodin”.

The book features the several essays and short stories that Samvelyan has written over the past one-and-a-half years and ends with two supplements in which the author has presented the works from the previous books that readers have liked the most.

According to Davit Samvelyan, the book emphasizes three main features. The first are the adverse personalities and temperaments. The second concerns Yerevan, which is close to the author’s heart. The writer regrets to mention that the city is gradually losing its image. Davit Samvelyan, who is a theologian by profession, has also touched upon religion.

“Religion runs like a red line in almost all the short stories. I have tried to show some direction based on my understanding. People have radicalized and, I’m not afraid to say, wrong approaches to and notions of faith.”

Director of Bukinist Bookstore Khachik Vardanyan said he liked the book and advised the author to continue writing. “I understood that you haven’t tortured yourself or suffered to create artificial situations. Everything is natural, and the book is easy to read.”

Since she was out of the country, the book’s editor Armine Boyajyan was unable to attend the presentation, but she had addressed her message to Davit Samvelyan. “It was an honor for me to edit the book, and every line took me back to my childhood and teenage years. If a writer can awaken a memory in a reader, it means he has succeeded. It doesn’t matter if the reader agrees with the author’s solutions or not. What matters is that the lines give the reader something to think about,” Boyajyan’s message reads.

The book has been released in 300 copies. This is the author’s fourth book following the books “Dream of Light”, “He and His” and “Emigrated Longing”.