By Gayane Melikyan
Photos by Armen Simonyan
Shushan Sargsyan opens “From Sunset to Sunrise” exhibition
On September 7, young painter, fashion designer, stylist and defile specialist Shushan Sargsyan opened her personal exhibition called “From Sunset to Sunrise” at the Union of Artists of Armenia.

The exhibition showcases the artist’s 30 works with the slogan “New Approach to the Old and the New”. Since 2012, the young painter is the founding chief designer of Shushan Design Studio and has showcased her works at various group exhibitions. Sargsyan has studied at Roslin Art Institute of Yerevan and worked at N. Galanteryan Pedagogical University of Performing Arts.

When asked about the title of the exhibition and if the arrangement of the paintings is linked to the title during an interview with, the painter said the following: “There are sunsets and sunrises in our lives, and the sunset and sunrise is inevitable every day. The exhibited works are devoted to that topic, and the arrangement is not by chance. In terms of meaning, all the works are associated with each other.”

The painter has used various materials in her works. According to her, the final outcome is different from what you had in mind since you come up with new ideas during the process.

Shushan Sargsyan also presented the paintings “Oppression”, “Naïve Fight” and the 3D painting “Release”. All three are the continuation of each other. As the painter noted, they are sentimental paintings.

When asked which work is more special, the painter had a hard time setting aside any one of them and noted that no work had been created by chance.

Shushan Sargsyan is planning on holding an exhibition abroad as well. Until then, art lovers can enjoy viewing the paintings featured as part of the “From Sunset to Sunrise” exhibition at the Union of Artists of Armenia.