By Hrachuhi Almastyan
Photos by Armen Simonyan
“The Portraits of My Past” on the big screen
Philip Poghosyan’s full-length feature film “The Portraits of My Past” will go on the big screen on September 7th.

The premiere of the film was held at Kinopark Movie Theater on September 6th. The film presents a love story, the philosophy of life and miserable events that are used to create the film, which is the main character, Davit’s only dream.

Davit, a romantic student of the Art Academy, falls in love, but for various reasons, he and his love, Anahit never become lovers. Instead, he creates the portraits of Anahit one after another in his small studio.

For some reason, even when he becomes obsessed with others, he always paints pictures of Anahit. The main character spends the nights with casual strangers and he always ends up falling in love for the second time. The main character can’t find himself with any of them, but he does find himself in the film “The Portrait of My Past” based on his story.

The co-author of the script, the director and the main character is Philip Poghosyan. Actress Tamara Gevorgyan stars as Maria, and the role of Anahit is played by Gaiane Martirosyan. It took nearly six months to produce the film.

“The film touches upon several ideas. Man goes from being a failure and living a miserable life to succeeding and being lucky, and this is shown very well at the end of the film. Film is my life. The events that take place in a film are on a real basis,” Davit Poghosyan noted in an interview with

“For me, the role of Maria was new in that it was the role of a positive character, and I have always played the roles of negative characters. I really like Maria’s character, but it wasn’t easy to play the role. Her personality and temperament served as an important lesson for me, and it all eventually leads to her loneliness since Maria never gets married,” Tamara Gevorgyan said.