By Mariam Hovuni
Photos by Mariam Hovuni
Young directors present their documentary films
On September 4, Naregatsi Art Institute hosted the screenings of the films by students of the TV/Directing Section of the Department of Cinematography at Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinema, including Lilit Petrosyan, Maneh Grigoryan, Nver Hovhannisyan and Mariam Yegoryan.

The screenings were very important for the students since they were the first in their kind. The films were the coursework of the students. Ruben Grigoryan, who teaches the future directors in his studio, worked with the students, got emotional with them and experienced all they experienced.

Ruben Grigoryan, who was attending the event, introduced his students and their films with a feeling of great pride and emphasized that the attendees could express their opinions at the end.

The first film was Nver Hovhannisyan’s film “Where is Happiness?” in which the young director tries to find happiness. The answer to the question leads him to childhood. The happy heroes of the film-the three children-were also attending the screening.

Lilit Petrosyan’s 45-minute film “Drought” is about old man Lavrent who, at the age of 75, tries to save his family that is about to be destroyed due to his daughter-in-law’s immorality.

The heroes of Mariam Yegoryan’s documentary film “To Be” were people who had won cancer. The film presented the stories of people who had found the strength to live and struggle. The heroes talked about the difficult period of their lives and, of course, victory. The heroes of Mariam’s film were also in the audience.

During the event, the people in the audience had the chance to ask the film’s creators and the heroes their questions.

Preserving its traditions, Naregatsi Art Institute donated the Pomegranate to Ruben Grigoryan, and it will most likely find its place in his studio.