By Davit Grigoryan
Paris Guitar Foundation makes Zhora Sargsyan’s new music video in Gandzasar
The Paris Guitar Foundation has made the new music video of artistic director of the Yerevan International Guitar Festival, President of the Wuppertal International Association of Guitarists of Germany, President of the Association of Guitarists of Yerevan, recipient of international awards and Doctor of Arts Zhora Sargsyan in Gandzasar, Artsakh. In the music video, the guitarist performs Mathias Duplessy’s song “Cavalcade”.

The Paris Guitar Foundation, which is under the chairmanship of guitarist Agustin Pesnon (Pesnon has arrived in Armenia to participate in this year’s Yerevan International Guitar Festival), has posted the music video on its official YouTube page.

“The idea was to make the music video in a more interesting place instead of a hall. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to present Artsakh, namely Gandzasar. I would like to inform that this year marks the 777th anniversary of the consecration of the St. John the Baptist Church of Gandzasar. The song that I performed is the song “Cavalcade” by contemporary French composer Mathias Duplessy. Cavalcade means movement. The nature and weather in Gandzasar were in line with the music,” Zhora Sargsyan noted.

The premiere of the music video was broadcast on France’s reputable Mezzo TV (

Zhora Sargsyan’s performance left a great impression on composer Mathias Duplessy, who has expressed his admiration of the Armenian guitarist’s performance and shared the musician’s music video.

Link to music video: