By Gayane Melikyan
Photos by Armen Simonyan
Savage of Sevan Triathlon-2017 was held
On September 3, Savage of Sevan Triathlon-2017 was held in Sevan. During the event, fans of a healthy lifestyle and sports took part in a swimming competition (1.9 km), a bike race (90 km) and a race (21.1).

TriClub joined the Savage of Sevan team in organizing the triathlon. In an interview with, member of TriClub Evelina Khachatryan noted that there were twice as many participants this year. Out of the more than 40 participants, only 35 are participating. The participants are not only from Armenia, but also Russia, the USA, Spain and other countries.

“The participants are competing in different formats. There are participants who swim, bike and run, but we also have teams, each of which is participating in one or two competitions, and the final score is a team score,” Evelina Khachatryan noted.

Sport director of Yerevan Half-Marathon, founder of TriClub Vahagn Tukharyan presented the rules of procedure to the participants and the attendees. Volunteers were helping the participants throughout the competition.

The competition was especially heated between the male participants, but the women were also competing fiercely in water and on land.

The following are the results:


1. Nina Matveyeva

2. Sofia Kuts

3. Satenik Mnatsakanyan


1. Andranik Margaryan

2. Alexander Kuts

3. Pavel Gorkov

Women’s Group

1. Ponchoner

2. LMN

Men’s Group

1. Emgo

2. Vigor

3. Femida

In an interview with, 1st place winner Andranik Margaryan, who has also participated in the races, is one of the coaches of the free trainings organized by TriClub. Taking into consideration the format of the competition, Andranik Margaryan believes this is his first major victory. Margaryan has also participated in a competition in Sochi, but Savage of Sevan Triathlon-2017 has a special role and significance for him.

“I have been involved in sports for nearly 6 years, that is, starting from the age of 21. Even though most people tell me it is too late for me to be involved in sports, based on my experience, I can say that it is never too late,” Andranik Margaryan noted.

When asked what he got out of this victory, Margaryan noted that this victory first and foremost gave him hope and motivated him to work harder and train for next year’s triathlon.

Let us mention that all the participants were awarded with medals and symbolic shirts.

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