By Department of Media and Public Relations of Stanislavski Russian State Drama Theater
Stanislavski Russian State Drama Theater’s anniversary season to begin with performance of “Prayer for Remembrance”
On September 14, the Stanislavski Russian State Drama Theater will launch its 80th anniversary season of theatrical performances.

According to tradition, the inaugural performance for the 80th anniversary season is the performance of Gorin’s play “Prayer for Remembrance” (directed by Alexander Grigoryan).

According to the Theater’s director Fred Davtyan, this will be the 200th performance.

According to Davtyan, the first time the Russian theater performed the play “Prayer for Remembrance” was back in 1991, and this performance has been the theater’s “business card” for many years. Davtyan added that the Theater’s new season will also be marked by the premieres of other performances.

On September 23 and 24, the Theater will perform the children’s play “The Princess on the Chickpea” (directed by Nora Grigoryan). The first act of the next performance will be the comedic performance of Tibo’s “The Ideal Man” (directed by Veronica Saroyan).

There will be more surprises. On December 25, a new musical fairy tale will be performed.