By Gayane Melikyan
Photos by Armen Simonyan
What does September 1st mean to young people with different professions?
Today is September 1st, the first day of the new academic year. September 1st was established as Knowledge Day in 1980 upon the decision of the Supreme Council of the USSR.

Like many countries, Armenia also celebrates September 1st with splendor. For schoolchildren, students and people associated with the field of education, September 1st is a special day, the start of a new academic year, a day to start gaining more knowledge and achieving greater heights.’s correspondent tried to find out what makes September 1st special for young people with different professions, most of whom are no longer schoolchildren or students.

Ani Mkrtchyan (dentist): “For me, September 1st is truly a big day, and I start preparing for it in August. I am a dentist, and my objective is to make sure children, young people and everyone in general have healthy teeth and beautiful smiles on September 1st. I don’t have many non-working days, but this year, September 1st is a non-working day for me. However, I am pleased because I know many people will smile at ease thanks to my work.”

Varuzhan Hovsepyan (police officer): “We police officers enhance surveillance starting from the early hours of September 1st. September 1st is different from other days in that everyone is in a festive mood, but I must say that this doesn’t matter for a police officer since a police officer has to be alert and ready every day.”

Zaruhi Alexanyan (photographer): “On September 1st, like everyone, a photographer also starts the day by reminiscing about the years in school and at the university and then starts working. September 1st is truly a nice day for photographers since we are able to take photos of festivities, as well as funny and interesting photos. The festive mood on the streets, at schools and in universities makes a photographer want to create and create a story with photos. The key objective of the day is to capture the emotions and good feelings.”

Haik Hambardzumyan (singer): “Frankly, September 1st is an ordinary day for me. It is no different from other days, and I am an ordinary person, but I always remember my years in school and the university and wish to relive those days. I am still single, and so I am still seeing my nephews off to school. In closing, I would like to congratulate everyone and thank for covering the story.”

Gohar Markosyan (pharmacist): “Of course, the day begins with memories of school and the university, but when you are on the job, you realize that September 1st is an ordinary working day. The only difference is that you have a busier schedule. At pharmacies, September 1st marks the beginning of a period of seasonal viruses since it is no secret that seasonal viruses spread more quickly within educational institutions.”

Narek Tadevosyan (network administrator): “I haven’t been a pupil or student for a long time, but this day is also festive for me. In terms of my profession, it is safe to say that it is an ordinary day with the same busy schedule and, of course, I am alert.”

Tatev Mkrtchyan (lawyer): “When I was a pupil or student, September 1st obviously had a different meaning and symbol (new subjects, new books, new notebooks, new teachers, new lecturers and new friends). Now, things are totally different (traffic, stress, parking problem and a heavy schedule after summer vacation). For a lawyer, a working day is a working day, regardless of whether the day is festive or not. If a citizen needs legal consulting, the day means nothing.”

Gohar Mirzoyan (student): “For anyone who is associated with an educational institution in any way, September 1st is different from other days, and the same goes for students. After a long vacation, the day creates a special mood, and the state of mind is different. It’s just that it isn’t strongly expressed in the case of a student because, in many cases, September 1 events and concerts are not held at universities. I am in my fourth year of studies at the university, and this year there will be no classes on Fridays and won’t even be going to the university on Fridays. This time, September 1st is no different from August 31st for me.”

Anahit Gevorgyan (PR manager): “Every job has its unit of time. The unit of time for a PR specialist is the most variable unit, and it works simultaneously with the heartbeats of society and consumers. September 1st is more than a pleasant working day, but unfortunately, it is no longer a crazy day for me since it is no longer the same without being at an educational institution and without having the status of a pupil or student.”

For us journalists, the day is a festive day in the city, and it is more than a pleasure to provide coverage of this festive day.

It should be stated that September 1st remains a special day whether you are or are not a pupil or student, and memories are what make the day a special one.

Let us mention that September 1st is not only Knowledge and Scholastics Day, but also the first day of autumn. Yesterday, August 31st marked the final “Good-Bye, Summer” event of the “Summer in Yerevan-2017” three-month program of events of Yerevan Municipality. The final event featured a “Towards School” bike race during which the bikers moved from the Institute of Ancient Manuscripts after Mesrop Mashtots (Matenadaran) to Swan Lake where they participated in a fun and interesting concert.

The attendees had the chance to enjoy the concert and the last day of summer underneath a starry sky.

Well, the summer of 2017 is in the past. Many people rested, others worked, but it was pleasant for everyone.