By Hayk Tsatryan
New “Play Fair!” initiative by IFAB
According to the authors of the idea, the decision will help to make everything happen on the pitch within the fair play.

The IFAB and FIFA are formally launching the new “Play Fair!” initiative as part of a strategy focusing on improving fairness and the image of the game. “Play Fair!”  is a major milestone – for football”, says IFAB Secretary, Lukas Brud. “With the huge support of FIFA, the confederations and national football associations, we are creating an opportunity to address football’s on-field issues and negativities”, adds Brud.

The “Play Fair!” initiative is building up on the major revision of the Laws of the Game between 2016 and 2017, overseen by David Elleray, IFAB’s Technical Director who says, “So far, the support for “Play Fair!” within the football community has been very positive – referees, players, coaches and fans all agree that improving player behavior and respect for all participants, and especially match officials, increasing playing time and the game’s fairness and attractiveness must be football’s main priority.”