By Gayane Melikyan
Star Wars Museum to be built in Los Angeles
Los Angeles City Council has unanimously approved Star Wars director George Lucas’s project to build a narrative art museum, writes ArtNewsa.

The museum will feature paintings, illustrations and a collection of objects used for shooting films. There is also a plan to install the director’s personal movie archive.

The surface area of the five-story museum will be 28,000 square meters. There will be a large grove and public park near the building. There will be areas for plays and students, a library, a café, a restaurant and a gift store.

The project is estimated to cost $1.5 billion dollars. Earlier, it was announced that $1 billion had been allocated for implementation of George Lucas’s project. It took Lucas a long time to find the area for construction of the museum. In the past, he had observed the cities of San Francisco and Chicago as venues for construction of the museum.

According to the website, the director intends to grant the works of famous American painter Norman Rockwell and the original mask of Darth Vader to the museum.