By Hayk Tsatryan
How much is Cristiano Ronaldo worth?
The potential transfer of Real Madrid’s top player to another team may become a record-setting transfer.

The English Manchester United seriously intends to buy two players of Real Madrid. The reputable Tuttosport claims that this is about the transfer of attackers Cristiano Ronalo and Alvaro Morata. The Manchester team has agreed to offer 210,000,000 Euros for the two football players and Spanish goalie David de Jea. This has been the goal of the Spanish grand club for several seasons now. According to Tuttosport, if the transfer is made, the 18-year-old goalie of Milan, Gianluigi Donaruma won’t be transferred to Real Madrid, but will consider being transferred to Turin’s Juventus.

Earlier, it was announced that Ronaldo’s agent Georges Mendes had personally informed President of PSG of Paris Naser Al-Helayif about the intention to transfer the 32-year-old football player and was ready to pay more than 140,000,000 Euros for the transfer of the Portuguese football player. Paris is ready to not only receive the Portuguese football player with open arms, but also pay him 30,000,000 Euros a year. From this perspective, Ronaldo is in a favorable position in terms of finance.

Let us remind that a Spanish court has charged Ronaldo with avoiding to pay taxes worth 14.7 million Euros between 2011 and 2014.