By Tamara Gasparyan
Photos by Lusi Sargsyan
Color Pop Championship was held
Color Pop – this is the name of the game developed by Technology and Signs Dynamics. To play the game, all you need to do is to gather all the loops that match the color on the bottom and make the rest of the loops explode with a slight touch.

After explaining the rules, participant of the championship, 9-year-old Vahe talked about the difficulties and how to win. “You should feel relaxed when you play the game. If not, you will lose. The colors change during the game. After they change, you often forget and get confused.”

Vahe had already managed to score 100 points before the competition. He was doing everything he could to win and stated that the competition was exciting. “Everyone is going to receive a gift, but the best part is that the winner will receive an ArmPhone.”

According to founding director of Ami Club Nelly Khachatryan, Color Pop exercises your attention and your abilities to make decisions quickly.

“The members of our club don’t use phones, tabs and similar devices, but there has to be at least one day for them to entertain themselves in the summer. We also need to take children’s desires into consideration,” she stated in an interview with

Ami Club and TSD have been collaborating for a while. After the members of Ami Club visited the company and were introduced to the company’s activities, the idea was conceived to organize a championship for fans of the game between the ages of 8 and 16.

Three participants made it to the final stage. Fans of the game can also participate in the competition via Facebook. Those with high scores will compete in August.

The game is available on Google Play and iTunes.

During the event, the New Technology Education Fund also presented other apps and educational solutions developed by TSD.