By Harutyun Tsatryan
Dramatic football continues in Russia
Chile’s team didn’t lose to Australia, and Germany’s team didn’t have problems during the match with Africa’s champion Camerun.

South America’s champion, Chile, faced serious problems during the match with Asia’s champion, Australia at Spartak Arena Stadium in Moscow. Alexis Sanchez had the first great opportunity to score the first goal, but the Chilean team’s leading attacker hesitated a little in the final stage and failed to score a goal, and the Australians neutralized the danger. Later, Australia started playing more courageously. The first goal was scored by James Troisi at the end of the first half of the match.

In the second half, Chile managed to achieve its desired outcome and tied the score. In the beginning of the second half, the South Americans attacked a lot, and one of the attacks ended with a goal scored by Martin Rodriguez. The two teams had other opportunities to score each other’s goals, but there were no new goals. As a result, the score was 1-1, which favored the Chilean team. South America’s champion is in the semi-final where it will compete with Portugal’s team.

Everything went smoothly for the German team. The match with African’s champion Camerun was held in Sochi where the Germans had already played during the play-offs for the Cup of Confederations.

After a first half with no goals, it was hard to imagine that there would be four goals during this match. It all started right after the break. Kerem Demirbay helped the Germans advance. At the 64th minute, Camerun remained with ten players after Ernest Mabuka was removed from the field. The chief referee of the match had removed another football player in the beginning, but the repetition helped him make the right decision.

Germany immediately took advantage of the score. At the 66th minute, Timo Verner doubled the score of the match. Africa’s champions didn’t give up with even ten players. At the 78th minute, Vinsan Abubakar made the score 2-1. The 100th second hadn’t even passed when Verner scored the second goal during this match, making the score 3-1. Germany celebrated its second victory in the play-offs for the Cup of Confederations and occupied first place in the group. In the semi-final of the championship, the Germans’ opponent will be Mexico’s champion CONCACAF.