Conference entitled “Issues of Psychological Services in High Achievement Sport” to be held
From October 24 to 26, the Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture and Sport is organizing an international conference entitled “Issues of Psychological Services in High Achievement Sport”.

The goal of the conference is to consider various views on and spheres of psychological services aimed at showing highly competitive results, maintaining and strengthening the mental health of an athlete, as well as discovering innovative psychological technologies and applying them in modern high achievement sport.

The theoretical and practical results of the conference will foster psychological readiness of members of Armenian national sports teams. They will also help enrich the professional knowledge of coaches and shed light on the psychological issues related to mass sports and fitness of the population.

The main areas of the conference are:

· current psychological issues and technologies for choice of sport and readiness

· functions of psychodiagnosis and applied psychology in sport

· the system of psychological readiness and modern technologies in high achievement sport

· psycho-physiological, social-psychological and pedagogical issues in showing high competitive results,

· psychological issues of children’s and teen sports, a healthy lifestyle and mass sports.


· psychological issues of disability sports and adaptive physical culture

· current technologies and resources for psychoregulation and increase in the level of efficiency in high achievement sport

· psycho-pedagogical issues in organizing and enhancing physical education and activity of the population anew.

The official languages of the conference are:

Armenian, Russian, English

The deadline for submitting application forms is August 25, 2017. The deadline for submitting the materials for the conference is September 10, 2017.