By Gayane Melikyan
Photos by Lusi Sargsyan
Nikolay Latansky: “Awaken the Genius Living Inside You”
Personal growth and success expert/coach and author of several books Nikolay Latansky is in Yerevan.

The famous expert is in Yerevan through the world tour called “Awaken the Genius Living Inside You” (“Разбуди в себе гения”). The world tour kicked off on April 4 and will end on May 20. Before visiting Armenia, Latansky has already held master classes in New York, Belarus and Lithuania.

On April 26, Nikolay Latansky held a three-hour master class, providing the attendees with the opportunity to get acquainted with all the steps and methods that can give them the chance to make a change in their lives and move forward.

According to the speaker, geniuses are those who do more in life than people. However, each person can seek and find the genius within him, and for that he simply needs to discover the resources that exist within each person.

During the meeting, Nikolay Latansky asked a pivotal and important question: Where is the genius of a person hidden? The expert distinguished the following three points:

1. In the brain (mind)

2. In the heart

3. In the body

“Generally, you can’t achieve anything easily in life, and I am a brilliant example. I have had more failures than successes in life and have gone through a lot, but I have understood one thing-it doesn’t matter who you are or what your social status is; the important thing is what steps you take at this moment so that you can achieve success later,” he noted.

The speaker also revealed many secrets of having a good memory which, according to him, will also help one achieve success.

“You can spend days preparing for your speech, but forget a major point during your speech. However, you must not show it. You have to continue your speech, even if you don’t have notes, slide or anything else that can help you. A person can talk for hours without them since everything is in his head. Be rest assured that you can also do it,” the speaker noted.

During the meeting, there were also discussions and several interesting methodological exercises.

Let us also mention that the famous expert will continue his tour in Georgia, Bulgaria, Italy, the Netherlands and several other countries.

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