By Gayane Melikyan
Countries that stand out with systems of education
Education is a key component for the development of any country.

By using the potential of education, mankind can help the whole world develop, and of course, the system of education is the main basis for all that. Different countries have adopted different systems of education, but the important thing is the quality of education that can serve as a guarantee for the future.

The following is the list of the 10 countries that have advanced thanks to their respective systems of education:


Poland is the country which has created its own Ministry of Education that still has the system of education that has been around ever since the establishment of the Ministry. Poland particularly stands out with advanced teaching of grammar and mathematics. The high school in Poland has always served as a brilliant example for not only the Poles, but also foreigners. Instruction for most of the subjects is in English.


The system of education in Ireland is considered one of the best in the world, and the most important feature is that education is free, including higher education. This is why school education is mandatory for 89% of the population of Ireland, and this indicator serves as a basis for Ireland to be on top in terms of its system of education. Studies are also conducted, and Irish is used more as the language of instruction.


The population of the Netherlands is considered the most literary population in the world. Unlike Ireland, some Dutch educational institutions have tuitions. The feature of the system of education in the Netherlands is that receiving an education is mandatory before the person attains the age of 16, but after 16, it is up to the person to decide if he or she wants to continue education or not. The other feature is that there are two systems of education-religious and social.


Canada is one of those countries where many move to in order to receive an education. The feature of the Canadian system of education is that the government pays a lot of attention to the system of education, particularly the quality and, of course, the standards. All this obviously helps provide qualified specialists, and this allows Canada to be classified as one of the countries that provide quality education. However, it should be noted that there are few people who wish to receive a higher education.

Great Britain 

The whole world knows about the British system of education. It stands out with high quality of not only higher education, but also education in schools. British schools have been around for years, and quality education is unquestionably the main and important policy. When it comes to education in Europe, the first country that comes to many people’s minds is Great Britain.


Finland is also one of the countries where education is free for both schoolchildren and university students. However, that’s not all since schoolchildren and university students can also “satisfy their hunger” by studying at educational institutions for free. The government allocates quite a lot of funds from the budget for the system of education. So, there is an incomparably large number of people receiving a higher education.

Hong Kong 

Hong Kong also stands out with its system of education since the IQs of the people of Hong Kong are considered the highest in the world. It seems as though the love for education runs in the blood of each person in Hong Kong, and it is not by chance that Hong Kong has achieved success in various sectors due to people who have received a good education. It is also not by chance that Hong Kong is considered the business center of the world. In Hong Kong, a 9-year education is mandatory.


The population of Singapore also stands out with a high IQ. Singapore is one of the countries with a good system of education, which serves as a basis for the country’s development. The government attaches great importance to the system of education. Each young person with an education is able to express himself and, of course, do something to help the country.

South Korea 

Ten years ago, it was hard to imagine that South Korea could stand out with its system of education, but today, it is one of the leaders. Moreover, it is one of the leaders with the number of people wishing to receive an education. The people attach great importance to education, and this has served as a basis for South Korea to stand out with the production of technological devices.


When we hear someone talk about Japan, the first thing that comes to our minds is any brand-name technological device. Yes, Japan truly plays a major role in the field of technology, and this is unquestionably due to the good system of education in Japan that has helped prepare specialists who are able to change the world. Japan attaches great importance to education, which is based on traditions.

And in closing, it is appropriate to recall the words of Nelson Mandela: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”