By Roza Grigoryan
Photos by Lusi Sargsyan
YFA grants tuition reimbursement certificates to students with children
On March 16, student parents with two or more children received tuition reimbursement certificates during a ceremony hosted by the Youth Foundation of Armenia.

The Youth Foundation of Armenia has also reimbursed the tuition fees of 25 students for the second semester of the 2016-2017 School Year.

Coordinator of the Board of Trustees of the Youth Foundation of Armenia, Deputy of the RA National Assembly Karen Avagyan informed that this program would reimburse the tuition fees of students with two or more children.

“The tuition fees are reimbursed through funding provided by the Youth Foundation of Armenia. This is the sixth stage of the program. This is exclusively the Foundation’s decision. We have managed to save funds for this program because we think it is a humanitarian act. Through this program, we are able to take care of those families’ worries to a certain extent,” he stated, adding that 131 student parents’ tuition fees have been reimbursed throughout the six stages.

Karen Avagyan emphasized that the tuition fees of seven students with children were reimbursed in the first year of the program. So, more and more student parents are giving birth to children every year.

It should be emphasized that the beneficiaries of the scholarship are students of universities in Yerevan and Armenia’s provinces, including Yerevan State University, the branch of Yerevan State University in Ijevan, the Armenian State University of Economics, the Agrarian University, the branch of the Agrarian University in Stepanakert, the State Academy of Arts, Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory, the Armenian State Pedagogical University, Goris State University, Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Services, Vanadzor State University, Gavar State University, etc.

Touching upon the other scholarships granted by the Youth Foundation of Armenia, Avagyan stressed the fact that the Foundation recently granted scholarships to 745 outstanding first-year students. In addition, the Foundation has scholarship programs for the participants of the Four-Day Arstakh War that took place in April 2016 and the students from Armenia’s bordering villages.

The Foundation’s programs are expanding year after year, and the Foundation receives more and more applications. According to the coordinator of the YFA Board of Trustees, this goes to show that the people trust the Foundation.